Game on! Ubuntu comes to Alienware

28 May

Atlast Ubuntu comes to the Alienware range of dells systems. About time, glad to have the option now as I’m a big alienware fan :p

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Ubuntu has been available on Dell business laptops for quite awhile, including the recently introduced XPS 13 developer edition.  A few weeks ago we announced that we were expanding our Ubuntu certification beyond our cloud servers to include Dell’s 12G servers.

Today we are announcing that Ubuntu is coming to another member of the Dell family, the Alienware X51 gaming desktop.


You can easily install Steam on to the X51 and although there aren’t tons of games supported yet, the list is continuing to grow and now includes classics such as Team Fortress 2 and Serious Sam.

To learn more and get a first-person account of using Ubuntu on the X51 check out the Direct2Dell blog post.

Update: corrected Ubuntu logo on above screenshot

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Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook Features and Specs with Price

28 May

No trackpad only touchscreen. Acer seem to really be innovating this time around, cant wait to see if these innovations will be put into practice by other companies to get alittle healthy competition in here.


Today,many users are faced with choices between notebook,hybrid,convertible or tablet designs when selecting a mobile computing device.The Aspire P3 takes care of that,with no compromises required.The Aspire P3 is the ideal mobile computing device for users who create and consume content.It has…

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Acer’s bizarre new Aspire R7 PC looks a whole lot like the Starship Enterprise

28 May

Sexy new Acer aspire R7. Totally innovating the tried and tested structure of laptops. I’m drooling over this right now ^^